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Coming Soon!

i-am-heart will be featured on a multi-segment series on Shaw TV.  Shooting begins in this year with our first episode planning to air this fall. We are very excited for this platform to expand our advocacy and social awareness on emotional empowerment for boy.

If you or someone you know has a story we would be interested in to feature on our new show, please reach out to us directly. We would love to hear from you!

Morning Show Interview on The Eagle

The Eagle Radio, 97.5 FM

Stigma Around Men Showing Emotions 

CTV News, Alberta Primetime

Lance Drozda Interview on CTV

CTV News, Alberta Primetime

What Boys Think - Video Series

As a part of our own research we have been interviewing boys ages 8 to 16 on their thoughts and perspectives on emotions and expressions.

Currently we are looking for boys to participate by being interviewed as a part of our project. If you or someone you know has a boy who would be interested in participating please let us know by selecting the button below.

programs for boys

Below are some of the video segments from  our "What Boys Think" series featuring boys providing their thoughts and feelings on the important aspects of emotional empowerment.

Feelings Are Important

11 year old Logan tells us why feelings are important.

Feelings Are Important

12 year old Connor gives insight into why acceptance of your emotions is good.

Crying is Human

11 year old Joshwa explains why we all need to cry to be healthy.

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