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The three most damaging words we can say to boys and men: “be a man”. It represents stigma, marginalization, and worse, the suppression of authentic emotional experiences.


We offer presentations, workshops and online training for human service professionals and clinicians to provide tools, techniques and strategies that can be applied directly into their practice.


Our offerings are designed to enhance skills and self-confidence in supporting boys and men with their emotional experiences and expression, while addressing the stigmas and other factors which impact emotional dysregulation and emotional suppression.



The following outline some of our most popular topics for human service professionals.


Practitioner Workshop: Breaking the Boy Code

Target Audience: Human Service Practitioners and Clinicians

Duration: 6.0 – 8.0 hours

In this workshop, participants learn how emotional dysregulation presents as a precursor for behavioral, relational, and mental health challenges in boys and men. Participants are guided through mindfulness-based and somatic processing exercises, which can be applied in clinical practice. Through small and large group activities participants develop a deeper understanding on how stigmas impact emotional experiences and expression and are provided tools and skills to support boys and men in their emotional work.


Practitioner Presentation: Building Emotional Empowerment in Boys

Target Audience: Human Service Professionals, Program Agencies

Duration: 1.0 – 1.5 hours

This presentation provides an introduction in understanding of how stigmas and emotional coping processes can lead boys to suppress their authentic feelings. Participants learn how acceptance and emotional expression promote resilience and self-esteem. Participants are provided mindfulness-based and somatic processing exercises that can be applied to both self-care and clinical practice.


Curriculum and Toolkits

Target Audience: Human Service Professionals, Program Agencies

Duration: 1.0 – 8.0 hours

We offer practitioners, clinicians, and agencies an easy approach to enhance or expand their own services or programs by leveraging one or more components of our Emotional Empowerment Program into their practice. We work collaboratively to tailor the modules and exercises from our existing curriculum for easy integration into an existing work environment.


Online Training: Building Emotional Empowerment in Boys 

Target Audience: Human Service Practitioners and Clinicians

Duration: 4.0 – 8.0 hours

Tailored from our “Breaking the Boy Code” workshop first presented to the Alberta College of Social Workers, this online self-paced training course supports practitioners in enhancing their awareness of the existing emotional and gendered stigmas and strategies in overcoming them for the benefit of emotional expression and regulation. Tools, techniques, and strategies are provided that can be applied directly into practice to support boys and men, and their families.

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