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One Day Workshop

This workshop builds the core concepts of identifying, accepting and expressing one's full range of emotions. Boys learn how to understand, experience and express their emotions safely while developing the capacity to fully accept themselves and others.

Two Day Immersive Workshop

Provided over two consecutive days, this boys program cumulatively builds the concepts of emotional development, self-awareness, safe expression and self-acceptance, with emphasis on the individual experience.

6 Week Workgroup  Program

This six-week boys program runs 6 consecutive weeks in 2 hour increments. Content is equivalent to the Two Day Immersive Workshop with additional re-enforcement on the application of tools and techniques between sessions.

Program schedule and fees  can be found here..

Introduction to Our Programs


We offer emotional development programs for boys that build individual confidence, self-esteem and self-acceptance based on empathy, compassion, and emotional self-awareness. Through emotional empowerment, our programs teach boys how to identify, experience, accept and express their full range of emotions so they have healthier and safer relationships with family, friends, peers and the world that surrounds them. 

​Our programs are for elementary through high-school aged boys and are designed to be fun, engaging and adventurous and focus on individual and group exercises. Participants in our programs learn how to understand, experience, and express their authentic emotions safely while developing the capacity to accept themselves and others.

Our programs include:

What To Expect

Parents and participants can expect our programs to be fun, engaging and adventurous while simultaneously providing tools, techniques and strategies to bring alignment between the internal emotional experience and the external expression of these emotions. Participants take part in independent, group and role playing exercises as they learn how to identify, experience, accept and express their emotions safely while developing the capacity to fully accept themselves and others.

What Boys Can Expect:

  • To have fun in a safe environment that is full of energy and creativity.

  • To learn that all feelings (pleasant & unpleasant) are important in keeping us happy and healthy.

  • To learn how to identify and express strong emotions such as sadness, sorrow, fear and anger.

  • To participate in skill building activities that teach how to safely express emotions.

  • To experience a sense of belonging that leads to a strengthened sense of self.

What Parents Can Expect:

  • Increased ability in their child to fully articulate their emotions.

  • Reduced emotional distress due to a greater capacity to authentically express strong or unpleasant feelings.

  • Fewer unwanted behaviors (non-compliance, disruptive class behavior, aggression, sibling conflict)

  • Less susceptible to peer pressure resulting in the strength to make healthy decisions for themselves.

  • Stronger and healthier relationships with themselves, their family and peers.

Workshop Format
kids fun

Each workshop comprises of participants of within a single age group (ages 8-12, ages 13- 15 or ages 16- 19) and consist of no more than 12 persons in any workshop to guarantee individual attention and dynamic group interactions. While the experience is individual, participation is required from each attendee as learning is facilitated and enhanced by the experiences of the group as a whole.


Workshops are led by facilitators whose job is not just to impart information, but also to ensure group cohesion, acceptance, safety and support. 

Since it is important that participants are provided the personal space to truly engage in the workshop and the group, everyone is asked to come "unplugged" from the distractions such as cell phones, iPods, computers, iPads, and other electronics.

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